Artisan Keycaps

artisan keycaps

Irresistible Artisan keycaps within your reach

Finally, it is possible to find a wide selection in our French Artisan Keycaps collections. The simplicity of transforming your mechanical keyboard with quality, but mostly rare keycaps, is just a mouse click away 🖱


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  • Keycaps Naruto
  • Keycaps Hand Spinner
  • Vulcan Keycaps

What is an Artisan keycaps?

This type of Keycaps corresponds to a key for a mechanical keyboard that has been shaped to give it a particular form. It can look like your favorite character, allow you to dive into your universe or simply improve your touch while typing. Made of wood, resin, or any other material, transparent or colored, these keyboard keys embellish your daily life in front of your computer. Some of them are real works of art.

Keys made in collaboration with artists

To make the keycaps craftsman irresistible, the creative process is left to specialists of the genre 👨🎨 Thus, the result will bluff all fans of manga, video games or cult movies. Your keyboard will live to the rhythm of your passions. Indeed, the keys you find in the Artisan Keycaps colletions each correspond to works of art that are mostly handmade.

Why choose artisan keycaps?

You're the kind of person who wants to stand out from the crowd. With keycaps craftsmen, the deal is done. Everyone will be jealous of you. Whether it's at work or at a gamers' meeting, your keyboard will attract jealousy. But the strength of artisan keycaps is not only aesthetic.

Indeed, if you need a touch more prominent than the others or more recognizable, these particular touches are the solution. Finally, choosing these beautiful touches allows you to make a full statement of your personality. A final step is ahead of you. You will have to choose from our Artisan keycaps collection. With the quality, this choice will be difficult.

Trust your instincts and treat yourself! You can also discover our 40% keycaps for an optimal typing comfort on a mini-keyboard, by integrating them with your Artisanal Keycaps!