Custom Keyboard Cable

Custom keyboard cable

The custom keyboard cable, the extra touch

After selecting Artisan Keycaps or custom keys, the urge to push the customization to the max will grab you.

In fact, by crossing the different custom keyboard cables, you are going to want to own one. This will totally match the customization of your keyboard.

What is a custom keyboard cable?

The cable is the link between the keyboard and the computer. We are surely not teaching you anything 😉

There are many different ones. Indeed, you can find:

  • straight cables, the classic ones
  • spiral cables,
  • colored cables,
  • cables with embedded or deformable letters,
  • and other kinds.

Yes, even the keyboard cable is customized to stand out from the crowd. This way, you will have a keyboard that no one else will have.

What are the advantages of a custom keyboard cable?

The first advantage is the ultimate customizability. No other gamer or colleague will be able to boast of having a keyboard more beautiful than yours.

The spiral cables bring in addition to their amazing design a practical side not negligible. Indeed, they take up the least amount of space possible while allowing the possibility of appreciable extensibility at any time.

An advantage for those who lose their memory: being able to remember their first name! This is not the primary reason for the letters that get stuck in the cable, or the deformable cables, but it is a possibility like any other 😂

Finally, many custom keyboard cables have multiple connectors for easy adaptation to Type-C, USB, micro-USB ports.

How to choose a custom keyboard cable?

Determine your needs before choosing a custom keyboard cable. Depending on your connections, you may also want to choose certain cables.

You will be spoilt for choice with our keyboard cables!

Don't forget that it's important to use the right tools to tinker with your keyboard, so check out our keyboard accessories.