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Choose an unusual Azerty keyboard with the Azerty Keycaps!

When using a computer, it's not just the computer itself that is important. For a complete user experience, you need the right peripherals.

And speaking of peripherals, the keyboard is a must. Whether it's wireless or wired, mechanical (we don't tolerate membrane keyboards), office automation or not, backlit or not, we need one. Among the many keyboards, some stand out in France: those with Azerty Keycaps. Let's discover together this wonderful family of keycaps for pc keyboard.

The history of the Azerty layout

Have you ever wondered where the term Azerty came from? And why in France we don't have the same Qwerty layout as on the other side of the Channel? Grab your keyboard-mouse, we will answer all your questions! 

The word " Keycaps " means " keyboard key " in English and being much more aesthetic in English, we kept this name in France. As far as the history of keycaps sets is concerned, it is quite long and we recommend you to read the description of our keycaps collection to know everything about the crazy history of these little pieces of plastic!

And as for azerty, it is the arrangement of letters and symbols on the keyboard. In the United States for example, they use Qwerty keyboards! Why do we, in France, use Azerty? The reason is simple, it goes back to the time of typewriters, people using them needed to be able to type as fast as possible on their machine!

And the researchers realized that the Qwerty letter layout was not at all optimized for our language, because we do not use certain letters with the same frequency as our friends in other languages! So the researchers looked into the matter and created the layout, "Azerty" which will remain as the "French keyboard"!

But then what does ISO FR mean, in "Keycaps Azerty ISO FR"? 

It's quite simple again! ISO is the key layout of your keyboard, in fact to make it simple there are two main types of key layouts ANSI and ISO! The easiest way to differentiate them is to look at the "Enter" key on a keyboard with an ANSI key layout the enter key will be a small rectangle, while when ISO it will have a rather singular L shape!

Azerty ISO Keycaps

Why choose Azerty keycaps? 

There are many reasons why Azerty Keycaps are the best possible choice for your gaming keyboard. Here are just a few of them:

Suitable for mechanical keyboards

Many people swear by mechanical keyboards, affectionately called mecha keyboards. That's because the switches on the keys work independently of each other. This makes them more responsive, less mushy and, some say, more accurate for typing, playing or programming.

Offer unique sensations

The different colored switches determine the feel of your fingertips:

  • The MX Black is linear and hard to press - perfect for heavy-handed players. This switch has a low line of action, touch type.
  • The MX Blue produces a loud click and is often chosen by typists or gamers who want to hear when they've pressed a key and can handle the noise. For people who are not very quiet.
  • The MX Brown is halfway between the MX Red and MX Blue - activation is easy, but has a tactile bump for those who play and type a lot. It is very quiet.
  • The MX Red is a membrane switch for gamers who want a soft pressure switch that also comes in a silent version. Known to be very responsive for FPS.

Perfect if you like macros

A macro can be very useful for games where several keystroke combinations are used regularly. If you often use several keys to access certain commands, you can assign keystroke combinations to macros, which then allow you to execute that command using a single keyboard shortcut. This is undoubtedly an invaluable way to relieve the pressure on your hands. Most keyboards have software that supports macros, and some even have dedicated macro keys.

Suitable for backlighting

Whether you consider this feature essential depends on your personal taste, but RGB lighting can add a much-needed touch of personalization, color and excitement to a keyboard. Gamers love this feature. For example, Razer, through Razer chroma, has managed to combine RGB lighting to interact with you depending on the activity going on on your pc, especially gaming. 

Azerty Keycaps Custom

Adapted to keyboards with outstanding features

Not belonging to the entry level, some keyboards have uncommon features.

These include a wrist rest, a detachable USB cable (often braided for durability), USB and audio ports, dedicated media keys and macros, a volume dial and, last but not least, included software that allows you to customize the keyboard's performance and backlighting (like Razer's Synapse 3 managing the so-called "Rgb" backlight). Other brands have programmable interfaces that make your gaming keyboard customizable.

Provide a better user experience

Finally, we'll talk about the user experience, which is crucial. No matter how many features a gamer keyboard has, its ergonomics are paramount. You must feel comfortable with your keyboard.

It is your best ally when you work on your computer. And that's why many manufacturers focus on the ergonomic aspect. Replacing your current keycaps with Azerty keycaps will offer you both comfort and a better user experience.

What to consider before choosing your Azerty Keycaps?

You have decided to use Keycaps. Before you buy, here are some criteria to consider:

Keyboard compatibility 

Not all switches are the same, but there are different types of mechanical switches made by different manufacturers. The most recognized mechanical switches come from the German company Cherry. They produce a range of very popular Cherry MX mechanical switches: black, blue, brown and red.

Type of plastic and construction

Most custom keys are made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), although some higher-end models use PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). 

There are of course handmade keycaps designed by individuals, our collection is full of them!

Keycaps Azerty FR

Translucent design 

Not all keycaps allow RGB lighting. If you're a gamer, programmer or just plain important to you, be sure to check the model description to see if it has the functionality. 


There are keys in almost every color, but not all manufacturers work with the same colors. Also keep in mind that keyboard lighting can affect the appearance of the colors.


Most keyguards use similar fonts to mark the keys, but some manufacturers allow you to choose different sizes or more custom fonts. Choose however you like, but it's important that the lettering is easy to read.

Key height

The keys can also have different heights depending on your use of the keyboard and your taste. In general, the most commonly used height distributions can be considered as :

  • DSA keyboards: they have a medium height, all at the same level and the top part is concave without slope. Most mechanical game keyboards use this layout.
  • KT : high profile, all at the same level and the top is flat and inclined forward.
  • DCS : medium height, keys at different levels (lower in the middle) and the top is flat, but with a different inclination. The general shape is a soft "V".
  • SA : high profile and the upper part is concave and has a slight slope.
  • LP Low profile, all keys are the same height, flat and have almost no slope.
Azerty Custom Keycaps

How does Keycaps Industries make your choice easier? 

There is so much to consider isn't there? Fortunately we are here. 

We offer a wide and varied range of Azerty Keycaps. Whatever the color you want or the use you intend to make, you will find your happiness. 

Our Keycaps will fit perfectly with any type of keyboard, they are compatible with MX Cherry, MX Silent, Kailh, Gateron, and all others that are similar with the three mentioned above. They will fit gamer keyboards for gaming, backlit keyboards or wireless keyboards (Bluetooth). 

Moreover, our sets are all ANSI and ISO compatible, the two most common layouts on the gaming keyboard market. Now there's no doubt about it, your keyboard is compatible with our sets. Perfect for keyboards with Cherry-Mx type switches, like the Ducky one 2 mini, they are compatible with most of the following gamer keyboards, Razer, Corsair, Steel-Series, Anne Pro, Cooler Master, Rog and many others!

We know that it is very difficult to find Azerty Keycaps in France. That's why we have done our best to offer you these Azerty keycaps. Made with resistant plastics.

They will appeal to people who regularly play video games as well as to people who use their mechanical keyboard for writing or programming for example. Our collection is also for those who want to add a responsive, noisy and beautifully finished touch keyboard to their connectivity.

A Custom AZERTY Keyboard

We use mechanical keyboards on a daily basis, whether it's for gaming or text entry, programming, or answering emails. So we have the highest standards for our keycaps and that's why we only make them out of PBT and ABS, which are the two most resistant plastics available on the market today.

PBT offers more strength and a heavier feel, but ABS is more easily modified and painted, allowing for a variety of color and style sets. 

Now you know everything about custom mechanical azerty keyboards

Keycaps ISO FR

Feel free to browse our collection to choose your keycaps. You are bound to find keycaps that will meet your expectations! Order today to take advantage of our free shipping and discounts.