Wrist rest

Wrist rest

Enjoy the comfort of our wrist rests!

The wrist rest is a mat designed to provide the necessary and correct support when using the keyboard or mouse. This support allows you to work comfortably and quickly thanks to its components. In front of your machine, you can move your mouse as you wish, even if you are you are a computer laypersonYou will use your keyboard with dexterity thanks to this comfortable accessory.

The wrist rest is an accessory designed solely to avoid discomfort and fatigue. If you use your computer frequently and feel discomfort in your wrists after using the mouse or typing on the keyboard, there are essential tools that can improve your working conditions and avoid wrist and finger pain.

An ergonomic wrist rest for keyboard or mouse and a mat or support that can help relieve, prevent or avoid this pain.

The wrist rest is an accessory that allows you to feel comfortable all the time at work. You can choose from a variety of wrist rest and mouse pad designs to improve the health and productivity of your computer.

The regular and intensive use of certain everyday objects can lead to the progressive development of joint pain called musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). This is the case in the computer field, which involves the use of a computer mouse and keyboard. While these computer tools greatly accelerate the work of millions of people, they are therefore indispensable in the current era.

The occurrence of pain in the forearm and wrist is often explained by their regular use, hence the making of wrist rests.

The handling attitude of these devices must be considered as well as the duration of use, otherwise you must buy wrist rests to avoid these problems. This is why it is imperative to get the ergonomic accessories you need to feel happy in your work, prevent pain, lighten the workload, increase productivity. Working in discomfort is a source of boredom and stress. Work should actually be fun. 

The wrist rest is there to give you that comfort! 

Luxury computer wrist rests!

Keyboard wrist rests are often overlooked or neglected as accessories, yet they play a vital role. 

The wrist rests help prevent discomfort and long-term problems from prolonged keyboard use.

The keyboard wrist rest itself makes no compromise in terms of quality. Made of lightweight memory foam that conforms to the wrist and helps maintain the correct position while typing. All three parts of the assembly lie flat without buckling and have a non-slip rubber base. non-slip rubber base to prevent them from slipping during use. Keyboard wrist rests provide comfort throughout the use of your keyboard.

Work in comfort to improve your well-being! Keycaps-industries is at your disposal.  

Get rid of wrist pain with our Keyboard Mouse Wrist Rest!

"Prevention is better than cure. So the saying goes. If you are a computer scientist, typist or a computer user, then prevent wrist pain by getting a Repose Wrist Keyboard Mouse. Frequent use of the keyboard and mouse can lead to pain that can affect your health and consequently reduce your productivity.

Wrists are part of your body, take care of them as you do with the other members of your body with the wrist rests.

The curved surface keeps your wrists level with your hands for all-day comfort. Soft fabric covers this wrist rest for a comfortable feel. L'discreet appearance of this accessory allows it to blend into any professional environment.

The hand being the most complete and efficient tool in the human being, its maintenance is everyone's responsibility.

Optimize your time with the wrist rest The position of your wrists in relation to the mouse or keyboard rest allows you to type more quickly and efficiently. It instills speed and efficiency.

Give yourself comfort with the wrist rest To see how comfortable it is, just touch it. It's soft, non-slip and sweat-proof.

The benefits of the wrist rest.

Whether it's the keyboard wrist rest or the mouse wrist rest, they are not only designed to offer you a luxury. Beyond luxurythey give you an indescribable energy that allows you to be more productive in your work. Wrist rests help create a safe and comfortable safe and comfortable work environment where you can perform your tasks efficiently for the following reasons:

  • Facilitate hand-wrist alignment. 
  • Improve blood circulation from arm to finger. 
  • Relieve tension that normally accumulates in the shoulders and neck. 
  • Reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. 
  • Increase productivity

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