Keyboard Switch

Keyboard Switch

What is a keyboard switch?

A keyboard switch or a mechanical keyboard switch is a switch that can be activated by pressing or releasing a key. Mechanical keypad switches are switches that use the physical actuators spring, piston or solenoid. The actuators are used to push the spring-loaded plungers or solenoids that activate the circuit and complete the circuit on the computer's motherboard. The switch is used to activate the circuit board on which your switch is soldered to.

Each switch has its own characteristics. They are distinguished by their activation strength, sound identity and speed.

Mechanical Keyboard Switch

Why Switch keyboards?

The Switch keyboards or mechanical keyboards have a better feel and tone than keyboards with rubber keys. They provide fast response time and ease of use. The mechanical keyboard also has backlit keys, useful for night games and typing. Isn't that a boon for night owls?

Switch keyboards are more expensive than other types of keyboards because of their high performance: robustness, speed, comfort. They require less maintenance and last longer thanks to their metal and plastic construction for contemporary style.

Speed, strength and comfort: three fundamental advantages of Switch keyboards. 

  • The speed 
  • As you progress in the gaming world and get used to playing on your PC, you will need more and more speed and responsiveness. Unlike other types of keyboards, mechanical gaming keyboards have excellent key response speed. It's faster and much more consistent.

    Keyboard switches have the advantage of integrating specific switches to improve performance and typing comfort. That's what makes a keyboard switch so great!

  • Solidity 
  • The robustness is one of the most important properties of mechanical gaming keyboards. In general, it is much more responsive to gaming use and is also designed for intensive use. Mechanical gaming keyboards are much easier to maintain and have a much longer lifespan than other types of keyboards and show no signs of failure.

  • The comfort 
  • Keyboard switches are often designed to meet the demands of large-scale tournaments. Not only high-level players, but also those new to the game can easily find their feet, so getting used to the accessories will improve performance. In large-scale video game tournaments, each player uses a mechanical keyboard format to maximize comfort.

    Custom Keyboard Switch

    The typology of the Switch keyboards.

    An important consideration when choosing a keyboard switch for a game is the tactile feel. Keyboard switches can be divided into two categories linear switches and tactile switches.

    Linear switches have the classic shape of membrane keyboard. In fact, at the touch of a button, a spring with a unique force will return the button to its original position. They are recommended if you need speed while playing.

    On the other hand, some people want to hear the sound of the keyboard and feel the impact. Some touch switches are distinguished from linear switches by the presence of a "bump". A "bump" is a small amount of weight or relief that you feel when you pass the activation point. Therefore, if you need feedback when you press a button, we recommend this type of switch. Another parameter to consider when choosing a switch on your gamer keyboard is the sound of pressing a key on your keyboard. This parameter is not obvious, because each gamer has his own taste.

    On the other hand, of course, there are also people who want to avoid noise other than games and improve their concentration. Office automation is not out of the question! This allows you to buy a Switch tailored to your professional needs. For example, researchers, students, doctoral students who are preparing their thesis or dissertation.

    The mechanical keyboards are still popular with typists, editors and other typing professionals who want to get feedback every time they press a key. Touch switches are recommended for stiffer, safer typing.

    If you don't mind the sound of your keyboard, we recommend that you select theClicky". The click of the switch comes from a metal barrier placed at the level of the punctuation marks, producing a very special sound. The small disadvantage of this type of switch is that it is very difficult to push the button to the end and requires a little practice if you are not used to it.

    To get a custom keyboard switch or keyboard cable, KEYCAPS INDUSTRIES offers the following brands known for their expertise in the field:

    • Cherry MX
    • Gateron 
    • Kailh
    • Outemu

      Right after that, feel free to check out our custom keyboard cables to really customize your entire keyboard.