ISO DE Keycaps


If you enjoy a particular game, choosing between an Xbox / PlayStation controller gamer or a mouse keyboard gamer is often the battle for the fastest response time of any game. . And many of those who choose mechanical keyboards like our key store know how important it is to have a high quality keyboard. In addition to gaming, it is important to have DE keycaps within reach of the main car, they can also perform our daily tasks. Therefore, we decided to offer this set of QWERTZ keys as a gift. The quality of our products is our main goal to satisfy our customers. For this reason, our workshop has chosen to manufacture them with high quality PBT and ABS to ensure maximum durability. These are the two strongest materials from which keycaps are made, offering strength and a comfortable feel. Pressing a key on your keyboard produces a very satisfying sound, some people like software and others like loud sound. The switch must be compatible with the selected set to produce that sound. Again, all keycaps are compatible with all mechanical keyboards, Gateron switches, Kailh switches and especially Cherry Mx switches (Ducky One 2 mini, Razer, SteelSeries, Corsair, Anne Pro 2, etc.) So don't worry. Whether it's an ergonomic key or a backlit RGB key, we've got you covered. So while the DE layout acts as a multi-functional device for everyday tasks and play time, why not also use the QWERTY layout?


If you want to use the key set only for your game, you should check your collection of custom key sets. Here you will find different key sets that you can use to make your setup unique. However, many will prefer the Qwerty set to play more than their favorite games. As enthusiasts, we also have to provide ISODE keycaps for people who just work on computers and love games. So it is much more interesting to have keys that you are used to type since you were a child. The "German keycaps" are much more convenient than the keys of the qwzerty layout. If you create your own keyboard, buy not only the keys, but also a wrist rest, a wired or Bluetooth keyboard, a USB cable (USB connector) or an adapter to connect devices, a wireless mouse, stabilizers, switches and a case. is necessary. If you like to have a live performance. However, many will prefer the QWERTY keyboard, which allows something other than games. As enthusiasts, we also need to provide ISO keycaps mainly for those who type text on PC or like games. Therefore, it will be more interesting if you have keys that you are used to typing on your computer keyboard. Some people think that swapping keys is enough, but unfortunately, you can't change a qwerty layout to a qwerty layout. Some keys such as accents, exclamation points and question marks are not in the same place in some passing languages. The "German keys" are much more convenient than the same keys on a Qwerty keyboard. Of course, nothing prevents you from adding keys to the original combination to use a good gamer keyboard and stop using the classic keyboard.


But what is really the difference between the German keycaps layout and the qwerty keycaps layout? ISO keys have an "L" shaped layout at the Enter key, while for ANSI it is a simple little rectangle. This is often the case for the Alt, Ctrl or Shift keys, but generally they are identical for all layouts. It is up to you to choose the qwerty or German key set that will accompany you in your setup, because you need something that is comfortable under your fingers and for your eyes. Don't look elsewhere, our Keycaps store is the reference in this field to customize your mechanical keyboard. Here you will find the largest selection of PBT Keycaps in Germany!


Keycaps designed for you with the QWERTZ layout!