How to play keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switch

How to play keyboard and mouse on switch ?

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As you know, it is not officially possible to play keyboard and mouse on your Nintendo Switch.

But the geek in you also knows that nothing is insurmountable by applying a few tricks. 

So here are our tips for using the famous keyboard and mouse duo on the latest the latest generation console that hosts the plumber with the moustache.

How to connect a keyboard to a switch

Why connect a keyboard and mouse to the Switch?

Before entering into more technical considerations, we can ask ourselves why someone would want to plug in a device such as the such as the keyboard or the mouse to the Switch.

In reality, it depends on the game.

Use the arrow keys to finish Super Mario Odyssey, for example, is frankly pointless... and may even detract from the overall experience.

However, some flagship titles such as Overwatch are, for some players, more enjoyable to play with with a keyboard and mouse.

It is a question of gameplay the mouse, in particular, allows a much wider range of movement and range of movement and displacement.

But is it just a sweet dream... or a reality? Can we really use the directional keys and and click to enjoy a title on the illustrious hybrid console?

How to connect a keyboard and mouse to a switch

Is it possible to connect a keyboard or mouse to the Switch?

You will have understood, because we have already scattered a few clues: yes, it is possible to marry this eternal duo and the Nintendo family machine.

But beware! There are some valuable information to know :

  • Since the technique is not approved, there could be incompatibilities. If it does not work, browse the web to find a keyboard or a mouse (let's be bilingual) adapted to the situation.

  • Depending on the game, you might be disappointed. There is no guarantee that the association will work every time.

  • You have to give up the wireless technology technology: only a cable connection connection can work.

It is on this last point that we must still insist. How can you get the two peripherals recognised to your console ?

How to connect your mouse and keyboard to the Switch

In reality, once all the material has been gatheredthe process is not very complicated :

  • Combine your mouse to your keyboardusing a USB cable.
  • This is done, attach the keyboard to the Nintendo Switchusing... another another USB cable, of course.
  • Everything in order? Then simply navigate through the menu until you find the "Controllers and Sensors" section of the settings.
  • Here, don't expect to see a "keyboard" and/or "mouse" option, as again this is not directly provided. Instead, choose "Cable connection to the Pro Controller" and then confirm.

In principle, the magic should work. 

How to install a mouse keyboard on a Nintendo Switch

Using PC peripherals for the Switch: what you need to know

Some may never have thought of this option... and others may have quickly felt the need for it. In any case, know that connecting your keyboard and mouse to the Switch is an option. It could simply be that, in some cases one game might be more temperamental than another.

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