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Which format to choose: ANSI or ISO?

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Which is the best format for its keyboard: ANSI or ISO?

Some keyboards are structured around a set of keys corresponding to the ANSI format, and others to the ISO.

A "classic" user often doesn't know the difference. And among computer enthusiasts, some know that there is one... without really being able to explain it. So when it comes to choosing the elements of your keyboardit can get complicated.

So that you will never be lost in this field again, here is our little guide!

ISO vs Ansi format

ANSI and ISO: what is the difference?

No, ANSI is not a bad spelling of the city of Annecy. Behind this cryptic acronym are the words "American National Standards Institute", the organization that established the format. The same is true for ISO refers to the designation "International Organization for Standardization", another institution that aims to establish standards for the manufacture of various products.

Honestly, the difference is not obvious at first glance.

When you look at a comparison, the two keyboards seem identical.

These are subtle subtle but real differences but very real differences that distinguish them. Here are some examples:

  • Depending on the model, the number of keys may vary. We are not talking about a monumental difference. The standard range for an ANSI keyboard is 101-104 pieces, while an ISO device has between 102 and 105 pieces.
  • On an ISO keyboardkeyboard, the famous "ENTER" (or "Return") key occupies two lines, whereas on an ANSImodel, it appears on only one.
  • The inevitable (or almost) "Shift" key, occupies a large strip at the bottom left of the ANSI. When the ISO standard, this key is smaller and another small square appears another small squarefor the backslashes for example.

ANSI vs ISO : how to choose ?

The above list is not exhaustive, but it helps to understand thatthere is no gulf between the two declensions.

But some people prefer ANSI format keyboards format because the ENTER and SHIFT keys are longer, which gives extra finger space and changes the typing experience.

However, the ISO milling grind has its advantages. The "ALT GRAPH" keyword allows you to quickly mobilize the special characterswhich is very useful when you want to write in another language.

Keycaps in ISO format

ANSI or ISO: a question of experience and habit

It would be dishonest to say that one format is "better" than the other. The particularities are sufficiently anecdotal that, in general, the quality is similar.

However, depending on your professional field or your usage habits (gaming, design...), one or the other standard may seem more comfortable to you.

As is often the case, it is a matter oftryand then eventually... to adoptor to find another solution.

The advantage of customizationis that you can make some adjustments without having to buy everything again. In any case, we wish you great sessions with your keyboards! Don't hesitate to consult our azerty keycaps to choose... to build the model of your dreams!

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