What is a Keycaps Artisan

What is a Keycaps Artisan?

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One of the easiest ways to customize your mechanical keyboard is to replace your keycaps. Of course, you will need a keycaps extractor and a new set of custom keycaps to your liking, which will replace your old keys. And it is not necessary to replace all the keys of your keyboard, one or two keycaps will be enough to give it some style, provided you choose them well.

Artisan Keycaps are keys often sold individually. Handmade by passionate craftsmen in workshops. And made in small series, this makes them rare and complicated to find on the market.

Artisan Keycaps on a mechanical keyboard


There are a lot of handmade keyboard keys of all sizes, shapes and materials. Most are made of resin, and others can be made of aluminum, but more rare.

Creation of a Keycaps Artisan

For the manufacture ofArtisan keycaps it will be necessary to design a moldand then cast resin into it.

Let your imagination take over, the handcrafted keycaps all have different styles, it is possible to imagine anything! Animals, figurines, abstract art but also video game themes. So it is possible to create your own Keycaps. Do not hesitate to use several colors of resin or decorations of the everyday life as glitter, precious stones or why not leaves of trees! It is necessary to think well to create a totally unique touch !

Artisan Keycaps Resin


As stated above, it is difficult to manufacture craftsman keycaps in series. This makes them quite rare and very hard to buy, which inthis case makes it impossible to get them. It is not rare to find individuals selling a single keycap at an exorbitant price, we can talk about hundreds of euros!

Our teams strive to find high quality artisanal keycaps to offer them directly on our site, some of these keys are exclusive and not found elsewhere! You can visit our store for free!

Artisan Keycaps Buffalo

Now you know everything about Artisan Keycaps.

And here is a video illustrating all this step by step:

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